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Let the T-shirt speak your Personality

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T-shirts are trendy, easy to wear and no fuss ensemble. How about personalizing it a bit further to reflect ones own personality?

A pair of jeans with a well fitting T-shirt is the most preferable modern day uniform for both men and women. This costume is worn in both social occasions casual weekends, and is also considered trendy for ones night outside. To make the wearer stand out of the crowd with this common attire, a bit of creativity and extra flair is required. This will make a versatile addition to the wardrobe while keeping with the trend. T-shirts can be easily worn with designer items also giving an effortlessly cool look. Anything like ripped jeans to diamonds can be worn with a T-shirt.

Seamless & Collarless T-shirts:

Adding ones own personality with the T-shirts will add a fresh edge to the wearers look. Many teen idols are now choosing to customize their T-shirts with an untailored look. These apparels are either without a collar or with a short bottom. Fashion boutiques, and manufacturers are catching on with this trend and are now coming up with apparels made from light fabrics, and unfinished seams.

Art of Customizing T-shirts:

Manufacturers are now making T-shirts customizing to the individual preferences of the wearer. Britney Spears is currently making a fashion statement by adding her words on her T-shirt. These apparels are designed taking into consideration, the body structure of the wearer. A bit costly though, this apparel is very popular among celebrities.

T-shirts with DNA:

An innovative clothing line is introduced using the DNA strand line. The individuals own genetic code is used to create and personalize this apparel. The individuals DNA is selected from his saliva, and a small segment of DNA is magnified. This DNA is then run through a gel to make it visible. The image is made bigger and little imperfections are removed. This is later printed on the T-shirt.

Fingerprint T-shirts:

Each and every individual have their own fingerprint. Each one is unique in its own way and does not match with that of others. This individuality is reflected in the making of apparels where customers can share this unique trait in an attractive manner.

T-shirts with a persons lip signs:

Some characteristics of an individual are unique and cannot be represented by another individual. A lip sign is a symbol of femininity and beauty. This exceptionality of a persons lips is used with creativity that it is reflected in the T-shirts also.

Trends in t-shirts for 2010:

To stay ahead in the world of fashion, one should always know what is getting popular and what will be the trends popping ahead. Vintage T-shirts reflecting an authentic look or images and sayings provoking a retro feeling seem to run their course and will be in vogue. These designs while more subtle will still make a fashion statement. Printing techniques such as 3-D prints, custom tag printing, and foils will become popular. Cool T-shirts will be sold online, to satisfy the expectations of T-shirt lovers.

Continuous growth in the T-shirt industry is foreseen by industry experts. Understanding the customer psychology, and following appropriate marketing techniques by envisioning normal things in a bit different way will help the manufacturers to capture the market.



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Children Clothing Made from Natural Fabrics Can be the Best Choice

Author: Daniel Millions
Natural Fabric Clothing for Children
Natural Fabric Clothing for Children

Today, there are many fabrics that can be chosen in clothing for children

. Clothing may be either natural or synthetic. When you choose clothing made from natural materials, the clothing will have beneficial qualities that affect the wearer's level of comfort. For children, clothing made from natural materials is a great choice.

Most clothing that is made from natural fibers or fabrics will have a woven appearance. In addition, wools and other natural woven fibers can be processed to give it a matted appearance. Most synthetic fabrics can be identified by their cut edges. Natural fabrics fray when cut. If a fabric does not fray at its edges when cut or inspected at the seams, it is probably a synthetic or synthetic blend fabric. Synthetic materials are added to natural fibers to create a synthetic blend material.

The difference between natural fibers and fabrics is simple. Natural fibers are the threads that are woven to create a fabric. The weave may be loose or tight. One type of natural fiber may be used to create different styles of fabrics.

For children, the best fiber sources are vegetable and animal based. The different fibers that are used to create vegetable or animal source fabrics include cotton, flax or linen, hemp, jute, ramie, silk, sisal and wool fabric types. Leather, patent leather and suede are made from processed animal skins. Fur products are processed animal skin with the fur still on the skin. Animal based fibers (hairs) are used to create fabrics such as angora, cashmere, wool and mohair.

The different types of fabrics manufactured from natural fibers include broadcloth, jean type material, chino, camoflage, shirting, specialty dress fabrics, knit fabrics, velvet, velveteen, corduroy, satin, brocade and tapestry. Many specialty fabrics with a variety of qualities can be created from natural fabrics.

Natural fabrics can be further categorized as vegan or non-vegan. Vegan consumer choices involve choosing only vegetable based products. If you want to use only vegetable based fabrics, avoid any animal based materials and fibers.

You can also distinguish fabrics as a sustainable fiber such as bamboo, cotton, hemp, lyocell and soy. Sustainable fabrics are created for conscientious consumers who want to avoid using the fabrics that have a great impact on the environment. Sustainable fibers can be produced in abundance without causing too much or little pollution during their growth, harvest and processing.

Natural fabrics will help to regulate the body's temperature. For instance, the woven quality of the fabric allows heat and moisture to escape when the temperature is hot. That is why cotton and other natural fabrics are preferred for hot weather clothing over synthetic fabrics. Unless synthetic fibers are blended with natural fibers in a woven fabric, synthetic fabrics generally trap heat and moisture next to the body, which is uncomfortable. In cold weather, synthetic fabrics are not as warm as natural fabrics.

Animal based products are generally keep warmth close to the body in cold weather. Wool has the ability to keep a person warm even when it is wet. Natural fabrics have a hardy quality because of the woven, matted or knitted method of manufacture.

For children, clothing made from natural materials are great for the child and can be found in many textures that are soft enough for the most sensitive skin. Natural fibers can keep a child comfortable under different weather conditions and temperatures. Well made natural clothing for children can be fashionable and durable enough to be passed along to the siblings.

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Bamboo fabric is the natural fabric that is made from pulp of bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric is more sustainable, light, anti bacterial, hypoallergenic and stronger than any other fabric. Because of these properties bamboo fabric is extensively used in almost all types of industries ranging from bedding to clothing. The properties like softness, appearance and durability make it such a widely accepted fabric in various industries.

When unspun bamboo fabric closely resembles the cotton. Bamboo fabric manufacturers and companies use bleaching chemicals to whiten the bamboo fabrics but to make organic bamboo fabric no such bleaching agents are used and mostly these are kept unbleached. Strong anti bacterial and water absorbing tendency make it fit to use directly on skin. Therefore people using it does not complaint of any itching or irritation as caused by wool or hemp. It is because, bamboo fibers naturally does not have any sharp spurs like these two fibers.

Along with these properties there are many other things that make it the most favorable fabric among suppliers, exporters and bamboo fabric wholesale manufacturers. One of these is the growth of bamboo plant. If proper soil is there then bamboo plant can grow up to 60 cm in a day because of the unique rhizome dependent system. This in turn means more production. Along with this no pesticides are used to grow the bamboo plant thus making it organic.

Advantages of Bamboo and Bamboo Fabric

  • Bamboo fabric is naturally grown plant that requires no pesticide or fertilizer. If we compare it with cotton then to grow conventional cotton 25% of the total pesticides used in the world are consumed that are harmful to the environment.
  • Bamboo fabric is extremely soft and luxurious to touch. It just feels like silk or cashmere.
  • Bamboo is a type of grass, which means that once you cut this it will regrow from the same roots leading to no problem in growing plant each year.
  • Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant. Moso bamboo grows up to a meter each day making it very sustainable.
  • As compare to cotton the yield per acre is more as bamboo plant can grow very densely. Also bamboo plant absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than the other equal trees.
  • Bamboo fabric absorbs 60% more water as compared to cotton. This makes it favorite among bamboo fabric manufacturers. Because of this property bathroom furnishing like bath robes, towels, bath mats are extensively made from bamboo fabric.
  • Thermo regulating property makes bamboo fabric wearable in every season. It is cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic and has anti bacterial properties.
  • Natural sheen on bamboo fabric makes it excellent choice to sew fashionable clothes.
  • Clothes made from bamboo are easy to wash and dry.
  • Bamboo clothing is wrinkle resistant and requires less ironing and that too at low temperature. It is also prone to less shrinkage in warm water.

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It all started in white gowns, flaring headdresses and more baggy clothing of the nuns who started nursing as profession during the early times. This time, nursing uniforms have eventually took the twist and diverted from the conventional. Officially though, nurse uniforms must be white and it is still acceptable anywhere in the world. This however does not restrict hospitals and practitioners to use any other clothes that are appropriate and necessary in performing their duties. Nowadays, scrubs have become an everyday wear of nurses and even doctors because of the benefits it give.

Fashion scrubs in its plainest term may not exist or may be regarded as pure hospital jargon. This is because the hospital is far more different than any other offices and the professionals here do an absolutely poles apart jobs than those in white collars. In short then, fashion only applies to people or professionals who do less physical job. However, it is unfair to restrict the nurses with a specific type of dress without considering comfort in the performance of their duty. Thus, “fashion scrubs” is merely on the context of comfort in the workplace.

These days, instead of seeing nurse in plain white and in caps, you would see them in nursing scrubs in different colors and prints. This particular clothing is the best choice as far as comfort is concerned. Nurses can be able to perform their duties freely with scrubs rather than the conventional uniforms. It’s just like a soldier on his battle gear compared to his Type A.

But colors and prints should also go together in right combination so to attain better results. As it is often said that the colors you wear can affect your mood and that of those around you. Here are some mechanics you can use in mixing up nursing scrubs together according to color.

  1. Sunny Yellow – Unless you do not want to look like a pear, you might want to consider partnering your yellow scrub top with a neutral color like green. As yellow projects optimism, this particular color can drive in energy for a long shift ahead.
  2. True Blue – Just imagine the skies, what does it gives you? Calmness is what blue gives and using a scrub with this color is just a perfect treat not just to you but to patients as well. However, never partner this color with violet or any dark scrub as it may tend to fight with it.
  3. Basic Black – Black is the most neutral color. You can partner whatever scrub color with this. However, be careful not to use a black scrub top and then a bright pant.
  4. Fresh Green – Nothing beats green and if you are on the emergency room this color is just the one for you as this signifies vitality and growth.
  5. Red Hot – Concentrated red would then to intensify emotion and might be disturbing. Do wear a lighter shade instead and associate it with darker pants.
  6. Standard White – We don’t scrap out white of the choices as white represents purity, sincerity, and professionalism. Add up a yellow top of the white then you have added energy to the values it represents.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going-Green and Getting Trendy with Eco-Friendly Apparel
By : Jenn Jimenez

One of the easiest ways to go-green is with your wardrobe. Everyone needs clothing so when you're already out and about shopping; why not just choose the organic alternatives. Likewise, when it comes to dressing your employees eco-friendly apparel is the way to go. As businesses turn to all organic promotional apparel, the options of eco friendly clothing flourishes in retail stores everywhere. Now let's take a look into the shift of gears in the promotional and retail worlds for environmentally friendly clothing.

Eco-Friendly Apparel is good for the environment.

California provides roughly 13% of the United States cotton each year and in a study done in 2005, over 5.8 million pounds of chemicals were used on the golden states farms. These chemicals pose a threat to major bodies of water and eco-systems when they are carried off by run-off rain water. At the same time the pesticides used to keep insects and animals away from the cotton crops are main factors in the greenhouse gas effect.

Organic clothing doesn't need chemicals to be made. In fact, buying four organic shirts saves about a pound of chemicals from entering the earth. That means if you chose to reward your 72 employees with stylish organic custom polos, you'd be saving the earth from almost 20 pounds of chemical abuse. All of this goes without saying that organic clothing also reduces waste because it breaks down naturally. For these reasons alone, it's clear why retail stores are making eco-friendly apparel mainstream.

Eco-Friendly Apparel is cost effective.

Many people are deterred from organic clothing because of the daunting price tag. But just like with any shopping, you've got to scout out deals. Wal-Mart offers an eco-friendly t-shirt for only three bucks. Similarly, a culinary school could order new students custom non-woven aprons for as low as $1.95 each. Putting thrifty sales aside, organic clothing costs more for you because it costs more for the manufacturer. However, as eco-friendly clothing becomes more widely accepted, the market will grow and sales will improve as prices drop. Eventually, many people will adopt eco-friendly custom apparel as the norm for its long lasting abilities and environmentally sound production.

Environmentally Friendly apparel is trendy.

As materialistic as it may be, customers care about the latest in trends. What are the Hollywood elites wearing? How can I get my hands on that hand bag? These are questions that are asked everyday, and now as celebrities boast about their awesome green clothing and accessories, eco-friendly apparel is becoming mainstream.

All of the sudden a silk kimono takes the back seat to a custom bamboo robe and a star chooses the H&M organic clothing line over the latest one of a kind bejeweled dress. Nike and Wal-Mart join H&M as some of the top 10 worldwide brands selling organic cotton lines. In the future, many more hot names in fashion will be turning to eco-friendly alternatives to show stopping looks. By the beginning of 2010 these going-green company's expect 33% of their products to be made of eco-friendly organic cotton.

With trend setters turning to eco-friendly apparel, the price gap growing thinner and a constant drop of harmful chemicals entering the atmosphere, going-green with your wardrobe seems widely attractive. Models are strutting their stuff down the run way and giving eco-friendly a whole new make over while organic farmers work to harvest cotton in the most sustainable ways possible. Likewise, traveling business executives are looking their finest in organic custom polos and schools across the world are arming students with cool promotional eco-friendly tees. So join the revolution and make a statement today by greenifying your wardrobe.

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Business Apparel - Branding Your Company
By : Mike Williamson

Custom embroidered polo shirts are more than just for golf outings. They make great business gifts, company shirts, and or work shirts and are often worn to trade shows. When employees wear comfortable custom golf shirts they will wear them after work which helps promote your company.

The most common location of embroidery for golf shirts is the left chest but it is not the only location. Other options of embroidery locations would be the left sleeve, right chest, right sleeve and yoke.

Embroidered golf shirts are provided in many assorted types of materials and trims. Moisture wicking material is one of the most common today. However, it is a little more pricey but it is cooler and in most cases has the best look after multiple washes.

Embroidered Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are perfect through the fall and spring months when days are cool and the nights are even cooler. There are many types of fleece jackets, which come with extra linings which can be worn, or they can be removed from the jacket in layers. Full zip and quarter zip fleece jackets are a great way to stay warm and dry. One of the most popular trends of fleece jackets is the pullover, which can be worn alone, or layered with other items.

Fleece jackets are very effective to beat the serve forces of the cold easily without the need of wearing duplicate layers. Fleece jackets can be worn through many times of year as they are a classic fashion and therefore choosing a jacket that has been created from a excellent manufacturer or designer can be an effective way to ensure that you are going to be able to wear the jacket, season after season.

Custom-made T- Shirts

Custom t-shirts are the most wearable garments today and are popular with all body frames and ages. Depending on the amount, color of imprints and locations custom t-shirts can be a cheap as $3 each. The more people who have your custom t-shirt and wear them, the more exposure you will receive for your business organization.

There is a large range of men's and women's styles including all the top brand names. There are 3 standard styles of t-shirts. Promotional t-shirts are lighter in weight and cost less. 100% cotton t-shirts are typically preferred for their durability for longer washings. Blend t-shirts such as 50/50 are the most popular sellers because of cost and they are the simplest to take care of after washings.

Purchasing Brand Name Apparel

Many advantages come to mind when buying brand name apparel. For one it stands for premium and dependability. When you associate you company name with a premium brand names such as Champion, etc it helps brand your name. People in their minds like to acknowledge they are working with a business organization that cares.

Mike Williamson is the Director of Marketing at Image Apparel and has been industry since 1996. With his knowledge and experience with business logo apparel he is able to meet the needs of customers. When you are ready to choose your logo apparel take a look at Image Apparel.


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Bamboo Clothing for Green Wardrobes

You have probably heard about bamboo organic clothing. The fashion trends using bamboo as materials have been progressing and the demands for the bamboo clothing are also enlarging. Because of the different benefits associated with the utilization of organic bamboo for clothing and other products the demand is rising. To learn more continue to read here.

Some People nowadays like to have clothes that are cozy and that don't cause inflammation each time the clothes are put on. Among the top issues of folks when searching for cozy clothes is whether it is soft, will they have an allergic response to it, is it sturdy and is it made of materials that not harm the environment. For some makers of clothing, these considerations might be a little too much to demands, however with the bamboo organic clothes all of these demands are met particularly and all at reasonable costs.

Since the bamboo is botanically classified as a grass, it is one of the planet's most sustainable resources and perfect for clothing material as it can be procured in big amounts. Harvesting the bamboo grasses for mass production of bamboo organic clothing will never harm the ecosystem as the grasses can replenish on its own every 3 to five years. This is the rationale why bamboo organic clothing materials are now the most tough to beat competitor of cotton clothing materials. Even now as you are reading cotton is being rivaled for market share, as more and more people are needing sturdy long lasting and soft clothing.

There are many benefits related to the use of bamboo organic clothing. The clothes are very sturdy and may last for longer period of wash and wear. The bamboo fabrics are comfortable to wear because they're soft and smooth to the skin as if you are wearing silk. No pesticides and chemicals were used in growing the grass and in producing the bamboo clothing. Bamboo is truly the cotton for the new century.

The people that have been using bamboo organic clothing have found it surprising that the material breathes so well and temperatures are better handled. In addition the bamboo material wicks the moisture from the skin, as well as keeps bacteria away. The easy breathability of the bamboo organic clothing really outstands other categories of fabrics, whether or not you are in a dry or wet climate. Little wonder why other makers are now switching to bamboo clothing.

Another good thing with the bamboo fabrics is that the products are really sturdy to not fray out so simply even after longer times of wash and wear. There is no need to hand wash, it is sturdy enough to last thru many cycles of the washer and dryer. Bamboo is easy to wash, as the mud in bamboo organic clothing simply loosens up when washed. If you use bamboo clothing in the sun, you will get protection from ultraviolet rays without o irritation to the skin. Bamboo organic clothing is truly an one-of-a-kind-clothing available that's safe for everybody, even for small babies.

Clothes made of bamboo just do not need all of the man made chemical treatments that cotton clothing or other, similar types do. The bamboo plant is naturally resistant to pests and is terribly hardy in the environment. And nowadays you can find just about any sort of clothing made of bamboo. It isn't important if you are talking sleepwear or jackets or polo shirts or robes or slacks or other clothing article types. Bamboo organic clothes is truly making a name for itself with excellent reason. It is not just some "rich man's fad" or anything like that.

The kindest way to clothe yourself is to wear bamboo organic clothing. With bamboo clothing, you will get to wear stylish designs in a fabric that's all the comfort and softness you are searching for. Now you do not have to worry about have a variety of wardrobes for the different climates, bamboo clothing is what to wear during cold seasons you will get the protection you need, as well as the guarantee that the environment is protected. So now you can be cozy feel healthier and even be stylish and that's what you call an ideal balance.


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Rejuvenate Yourself with Odor Preventing Apparels

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Body odor is an embarrassment which every body would have faced in one or the other time. The stench of sweat or dirt may put a person in discomfiture, while with others. People look for clothes that smell good, and remain fresh for a longer time, thereby boosting their confidence. They expect specialized finishes that control body odor and remain fresh for a longer time.

A recent survey reveals that 51% of the participated men expressed their willingness to pay more for apparels manufactured with special treatments to control body odor and enhance freshness. Outfits such as socks, shirts, and slacks were their choice. 45% of the women participants were willing to pay more for specially treated clothing such as intimate apparels, tops, bed linens, etc. Both men and women communicated strong preferences for buying bed linens, towels and other home textiles that are freshness enhanced.

Application of Anti microbial Agents:

Textile fibres induce the growth of microbes like bacteria, and viruses, which is aggravated by humid and warm environment. Therefore antimicrobial agents are used in textiles to protect the wearer and the textile substrate itself. Chitosan is an antimicrobial agent derived from Chitin, which is found in crustacean shells. Coating the textiles with Chitosan is advantageous as they posses immunological effect. Numerous natural herbs are available which can be used to give special treatment to fabrics. Silver is a natural antimicrobial which is used for many centuries. With the technological advancements in nanotechnology, silver particles are produced in nano scale such as 4nm which is used in dispersions of nano silver particles to give special finishing in textiles.

Antimicrobial agents are applied in textiles through exhaust, pad-dry-cure, spray, coating, and foam techniques. They can also be added directly into the fibre spinning dope. Antimicrobial finishing in fabrics have potential applications in manufacturing uniforms, tents, defense textiles and geo textiles.

Apparels with Cyclodextrin finish:

Cyclodextrin is produced from starch through enzymatic conversion. It posses a cylindrical structure which acts like a host and can absorb guest molecules inside the structure and release them later on. This hydrophobic cavity present in cyclodextrin molecules can react as odor impeding property in textiles. The hydrophobic cavities are capable to absorb and store sweat and odor from the environment. Once their storage capacity is finished, they will not work any longer. Their capacity can be renewed through washing the garment. Yet another possibility of cyclodextrin finishing on garments is to fill the substance with perfume through a spray or through a softener in laundry. When the apparel is worn, the perfume is released from the substance blocking the body odor.

Various special finishes are applied on the textiles to remove bad odor. Textiles and apparels have the biggest consumer base. Advances in this field and focus in customer oriented products has a lucrative market. Textile enhancement is expected to become a trillion dollar industry in the next decade, with incredible economic, technological and ecological benefits.


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Why Embroidered Clothing is preferred by everyone?

By : Fiona Wilsmith

Embroidered clothing is the most ancient trend of fashion and is still going on and will surely last to long lasting ages. The origin of Embroidered Clothing lies in Stone Age. Many Embroidered Clothing made of animal skins decorated with threads and beads have been found during several excavation projects.

Ever since man has invented clothing for protecting himself from natural climatic changes, he has always remained desperate to develop new designs and styles for his dresses. Embroidered Clothing has played a significant role in it.

Designing of Embroidered Clothing is an art of giving different looks to the same dress material by adding separate designs and patters to it. Previously men used to make the Embroidered Clothing designs with their hands. It was considered an art of high class and was done by specially trained professionals. Monarchs used to keep their personal designers to design Embroidered Clothing for them. They were paid high salaries. Later on ladies started designing Embroidered Clothing as leisure time activity. With the advent of industrial revolution and machines, task of Embroidered Clothing gained new heights. Hand Embroidered Clothing was replaced by mechanical Embroidered Clothing and printing designs that were faster in its task. It saved a lot of time and provided a better designed Embroidered Clothing. As the time passed innovations were introduced in Embroidered Clothing. Washable paints were being used in place of colored threads. Even today the three forms of Embroidered Clothing exit. Among them Hand Embroidered Clothing is the most expensive one since it requires a lot of trained labor.

Embroidered Clothing includes all types of formal and casual wear of everyone; men, women and kids. T-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, and caps everything is included in Embroidered Clothing. While designing the Embroidered Clothing for kids a special care is taken regarding the designs and color of the clothing as kids are very much fascinated by the designs and colors of their clothes. It has also been used in designing the corporate uniforms. Various corporate companies get the uniforms designed for their employees. Embroidered corporate uniforms help them to create a good impression in front of their clients. Corporate uniforms are designed with companys logos and tags in different colors and designs. This Embroidered Clothing helps the companies to have a separate recognition in various corporate meetings.

Embroidered Clothing can be obtained from various boutiques or malls. If unable to get a wearing according to desire and taste one can switch on to the Customized Clothing. In Customized Clothing you can have an Embroidered Clothing of your desire and style. Customized Clothing provides us a wide range of designs and fittings to choose from.

Embroidered Clothing has remained a mark of various civilizations and cultures. Kashmiri Embroidered Clothing has earned a name world wide. Phulkari is a famous clothing used by Punjabi women. Wigs used by Egyptians were designed out of human hair or wool. Arabic embroidery styles are known for their extraordinary handicraft patterns and designs. Some Embroidered Clothing is marked for special occasion like wedding wear. Today not only colorful threads are used for embroidery works but gold and silver fibers are also used. Such types of Embroidered Clothing are generally used by rich class as it marks their prestige. Thus Embroidered Clothing helps to create a new trend and dressing style among people of every class and sector.


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Filipino-American community urged to support SAVE Act
June 17, 2010 (Philippines)

Filipino-American community in the US has in improving the textile and apparel industries in both nations.
been approached by the Philippine government for supporting a bill that will aid

Archimedez Gomez, Philippine Trade Representative, while addressing a forum in Las Vegas stated that, the community will have to write to the senators to promote or push forward the bill as the same will help both the nations.

Gomez, who hails from the Philippine Trade and Investment Centre (PTIC) in Los Angeles, had also met the officers of the National Affiliation of Filipino American Associations-Nevada Chapter (NaFFAA NV) to discuss on the proposed rule.

Gomez has also interacted with the Nevada Congressman, Shelly Berkley, who hinted communication with the Filipino community, in order to know their opinions. Therefore, Gomez urged the NaFFAA officers to promote the SAVE Act.

The Save Our Industries Act or SAVE Act is a two-way agreement between the US and Philippines, which permits the Filipinos to domestically export arranged apparels duty-free, provided these are created from fabrics, which are made and purchased from US.

Apparels created from fabrics made of US-produced yarn and natural Philippine fabrics that are produced from abaca or pineapple will be exported to US at 50 percent duty reduction.

Although, the bill has received a bipartisan support in the US Congress, it will now be assessed at the committee level. On this Gomez averred that, once the bill is passed or approved, the Filipino-American community will benefit immensely.

Once the bill is passed, Gomez, on the basis of the Confederation of Garment exporters, said that, within the first two years itself, about $200 million worth of US fabric will be purchased and this amount is likely to touch $500 million in five years.

More so, while around 2,000 people can gain employment in US, the Philippine job scenario will witness a surge of more than 200,000 jobs.

According to Gomez, Philippines has already been affected owing to declining apparel exports to the US as it has failed to compete with other Asian nations, whose goods are priced at a lower level due to lower cost of labour.

In the year 2000, apparel exports from Philippine to the US stood at $3 billion, whereas now it has dropped to $1.2 billion, reasons being Philippine cannot compete. However, if their products are permitted to enter US market without any duty, then they might be able to compete with other Asian nations, informed Gomez.

Another reason for dipping exports of Philippine apparels is it being victimized by increasing globalization, especially after the US put an end to its quota policy and opened its market to inferior and low priced Chinese goods as part of discounts, so as to join the World Trade Organisation.
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